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The Alexandrinsky Theatre
Romeo and Juliet

ballet in 2 acts

Act 1
In the world of dreams, where Queen Mab reigns, souls of Romeo and Juliet meet. They tell the story of their love and death.
Scene 1
Morning. Pensive Romeo, strolling down the street, meets his bosom friends Mercutio and Benvolio.
Gradually, the square fills with people
and three friends find themselves amid town bustle. Capulets appear. Mercutio exchanges a couple of foul words with them and soon a brawl starts.
Girls beg those fighting to calm down.
Scene 2
Juvenile Juliet plays hide-and-seek with Gertruda, her nurse. The latter tells her that soonjuliet will grow up and turn into a beauty dazzling in the ball-rooms. Appearance of parents along with Tybalt and Paris halts a merry game. Capulets start to getting ready for a ball.
Scene 3
There is a festival in the house of Capulets. Mercutio, a sharp- tongued mocker ignores a prediction of Mab telling that the ball at Capuletsí would end badly for him. He dresses in female clothes and Starts flirting with Tybalt. Romeo and Julietí eyes meet and both are stricken with love. Tybalt recognizes Romeo and enrages. Mercutio hurries to help his friend and distracts Tybaltís attention. Romeo and Juliet meet after the ball and confess in their love.

Act 2
Scene 4
Mab plays with her sword on the end of which life and death are balancing. Who will be the first to pierce the rivalís chest?
Scene 5
It is gayful and noisy on the square. Crowd of citizens greets their favourites Mercutio and Benvolio. Having noticed Gertruda, they decide to pull her leg, but the nurse has an important errand fromJuliet. She has to tell Romeo that his beloved waits for him in a cathedral. Making fun of the nurse, the friends fail to notice Tybalt and his knights passing by.
Scene 6
Romeo comes to the cathedral wherejuliet awaits for him. Love unites them before the face of God.
Scene 7
Romeoís friends continue playing with the nurse, but a sudden intrusion of Capulets make everybody silent. The tension grows. Tybalt realizes that he was bitterly mocked on the ball and decidesto wash the shame insay with the offenderís blood. A duel between Tybalt and Mercutio is about to happen. Romeo and Juliet are trying to reconcile the opponents, all in vain. In the course of the fight Mercutio is deadly wounded. Dying, he begs Romeo to revenge for himself on the murderer. Romeo kills Tybalt.
Scene 8
Juliet is doomed to marry Paris. Her refusal angers the parents. She finds herself alone amid hostile environment. Romeo is in exile and in dreams only may Juliet re-unite with her lover. Juliet calls for death, or is it a dream solely? On the day of engagement the nurse comes to wake Juliet, but Juliet remains dormant. The parents lament over the daughter. The bitter news reaches Romeo and he rushes to his beloved. Reluctant to accept Julietís death, Romeo approaches Mab, but she remains silent. In despair Romeo kisses Mab and dies, poisoned by her icy indifference. Soon, Juliet awakens just to find her lover dead. Juliet stabs herself with Mabís sword.

Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things;
Some shall be pardoníd and some punished:
For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

Music by S. Prokofiev


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Romeo and Juliet

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